Online Psychoanalysis

You finally decide that you are ready to dig in. You are ready to do the depth work, and get back, or on, the psychoanalytic couch. You are ready to get started now, you’ve waited such a long time. And then you type into Google and start to search for an analyst near you and are frustrated to find that this is may be much harder than you initially thought.

Finding a psychoanalyst show can depth work with you can be difficult when you are traveling, have a tight schedule, live in a rural area, or live abroad. Also, many analysts come from a training background that does not encourage exploration into online modalities, so it leaves many people who could deeply benefit from analysis without the services they need.

We provide depth psychoanalysis via a secure video platform that allows you to do the work and get on the couch from the private place that you choose.


Can you really do depth psychoanalytic work by video, Skype, Facetime, or another video modality?

You can received depth psychoanalysis video video. While we don’t use Skype, Facetime, or other insecure methods of contact for psychoanalysis, you can receive services easily from any private place that you choose. When you schedule your first online psychoanalysis session, we will provide you the information you need to choose a good space, a good time, and get you prepared for your first session.

Which is better: In-person psychoanalysis or online psychoanalysis?

While we many people made assumptions early on as the technology provided an option for video sessions that they would only be appropriate if in-person sessions were absolutely not an option, we haven’t found that to be true. Online psychoanalysis provides the depth and space to be beautiful work. However, like all modalities online or in-person we will always explore your particular needs and situation and made recommendations about the best treatment options for you. If online psychoanalysis isn’t a good option, we will tell you and provide you with referrals.

Where are you located physically and with whom can you provide online psychoanalysis?

We are currently located in Dublin, Ireland and can provide online psychotherapy in Dublin, online psychotherapy in Ireland, and online psychotherapy in countries where it is permitted by law. Many expats from the UK, Ireland, and Europe are looking for online psychotherapy for expats but unsure how to find the services. If you need help exploring whether we can provide online psychotherapy in the country that you currently reside in, simple contact us and we will be happy to explore the options with you and provide referrals if we are unable to help.