Do you feel hopeless? 

Some of my clients have said they felt hopeless the first time they came into my office. Addiction does that: it takes over your life, relationships and confidence.

But I want you to know that it is not impossible to overcome your addiction, all that is required is a will.

If you are reading this, you have a conscious desire for change.

Is recovery worth it? 

Recovery is not an easy process, but it is worth it. People who recover from an addiction report

  • better self-esteem

  • more energy

  • clearer thinking

  • better quality relationships

Our greatest glory is not in never falling,

but in getting up every time we do
— Confucius, 551-479 BC, Chinese teacher, politician and philosopher

Am I addicted?

Habits which become a necessity can point to an addiction. Be it alcohol, drugs, gambling, sexual or pornography addiction, help is available. There is a lot of misconceptions about what addiction is and often people find that their family and friends recognise the addictive behavior before they can acknowledge it themselves.

When we engage in activities which make us feel good, like a shopping spree or wining a bet, ‘happy’ chemicals are released into the body which encourage you to repeat the behavior because it creates and enjoyable ‘high’. 

However these ‘high’ seeking behaviors can develop into uncontrollable and compulsive behaviors which then have a negative consequence on your life. Regardless of the nature of the addiction, it can have a devastating effect on your mental and physical health, relationships, work, financial situation and overall well being.

If your day-to-day functioning or health is affected, or if the behavior takes up a large amount of time or money, then you may benefit from addiction psychotherapy.

How can addiction therapy help me? 

At Sandymount Psychotherapy, I provide my clients with individual therapy, support and guidance. I am  trained specifically in the area of addiction to Masters level, and have helped many clients overcome their addiction.

I will help you identify whether you have an addiction and what this means for you.

Through the therapy, you will start to examine the underlying cause of the addiction and the triggers which may lead to relapse.I can also help you to unearth and address any other psychological issues which are masked by the addiction.

The therapy can guide and support you through the periods of withdrawal and provide you with the skills to cope and flourish with a life free from the addiction.

One clients story...

As a gambling addict I had been in GA for many years. I had gone through good and bad periods but I never felt that I had addressed the underlying cause of the gambling. Working with Karina provided me with huge insight into my addiction. She helped me see that it is a symptom. This insight led to a very fruitful period of therapy. I am now much better able to deal with my desire to gamble.
— Male client

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