What is Psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic  Psychotherapy?

Psychoanalysis provides a privileged space where you can speak confidentially about the issues that are affecting you. 

This facilitates you to hear the things you are unaware of but that are determining your actions and position in life.

In psychoanalysis we privilege the unconscious, that part of you which has the greatest determination of how you think, act and feel.

one clients story...

Before I started with Sandymount Psychotherapy I found myself having difficulty in social situations. I would get anxious and not be able to make eye contact with people, always thinking that they were judging me. It started to really affect my work and relationships with people but I didn’t feel it was something that my GP would be able to help me with. After starting therapy I very quickly found that I had so much that I wanted to say, which surprised me as I always thought of myself as a quiet person. Just having a space in which to articulate my feelings has had a profound impact on my understanding of why I am the way I am. It hasn’t solved all my life’s problems, but I feel like I have gained back some control over myself and my feelings
— Male client

The unconscious

Is that part of our psyche which we do not wish to acknowledge, and which is mostly in-congruent with our conscious desires. Psychoanalysis recognises this inner conflict and works to allow a space for our unconscious thoughts to speak. Through this intensive process you can strive to unblock the dams to your enjoyment, allowing a sense of ease within yourself to emerge.

When we come across efficacy studies, the latest evidence based researches show that, for lasting changes the most effective therapy for many conditions (depression and anxiety etc.) is psychoanalysis.

The evidence

As successive empirical studies have shown, the evidence demonstrates that not only do patients who choose psychoanalysis improve during therapy, but also continue to improve after therapy has finished. Research also shows that, when differently oriented therapists choose therapy for themselves, they often opt to see a psychoanalysts!

As a main difference with other forms of therapy, rather than focus solely on the relief of symptoms, psychoanalysis aims to free the client across a broad range of emotions, current and past if necessary.

A recent research, published in the February-March 2010 issue of American Psychologist, a USA Psychology Journal, compares psychoanalysis with other psychological and pharmacological treatments and demonstrates that, in many cases, it is the most effective treatment for a wide range of problems, including depression, anxiety, panic and stress-related physical ailments. In counter tendency to many non-psychoanalytic treatments, the benefits of therapy were also shown to increase after treatment had ended.

What should you do? 

This is a challenging process which requires great commitment and a desire to know yourself. People who wish to invest in an analysis attend for shorter sessions of up to 20 minutes twice a week. The cost of this investment is 60 euro a session. 


One clients story...

When I first went to see Karina I was convinced it was to give me the courage to leave my marriage. I had been so very unhappy and thought that I needed to speak to someone about my frustrations and talk through my plans to leave. However that is not what happened! Through speaking, Karina helped me hear myself and realise things that I had no conscious insight into. What I came to understand was that I was blaming my husband for all my dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Throughout the work I started to re-invest in my marriage and commit finally to my husband, something which I hadn’t really done for 22 years! I now have a new lease of life- I am happily married and my husband and I have a completely different relationship. It’s not always perfect but I understand myself so much better. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t gone into therapy, thankfully I don’t need to think about it!”
— Female client.

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