I am passionate about helping you to feel more at ease with yourself. This is the fundamental aim of the work and all good things stem from this; overcoming fears, anxiety, relationship problems, finding your place and position in the world.


Before going to see Karina I was pretty paralyzed by some awful things that happened in my past. Through working with her I was able to move on with my life. I’m now in a relationship and have moved country. A big thank you. The things I achieved were definitely worth both the time and the money
— Female Client

Together we will restore or develop an inner confidence which can only come from knowing, accepting and liking who you are.  

One Clients story...

Throughout my life I have struggled with feeling low, I suffered from bulimia and it was really affecting my health. When I was 16 I was diagnosed with depression and put on medication. But I never really felt ‘right’. Years later I finally decided to go to therapy because I couldn’t stop crying and I was finding it really hard to cope with work and life in general. In the beginning I found it really difficult to talk because I didn’t know what the problem was. I was amazed at how helpful it was to speak to someone. While it took time, I went from feeling really low and uncomfortable around people to feeling confident in myself. I came off the medication, which I hated being on. I managed to get a promotion to the job I always wanted. I’ve learned to drive, which I was far too nervous to do before and I now really enjoy going out and meeting new people. It has been a huge change, but I still feel like me. I now understand that when I start to feel low it’s ok and that I have the ability to get through it, though overall my mood has been really steady. I am so glad I took that first step and went into therapy. It has really changed my life.
— Female Client

If you think you are ready and committed to working towards change then I would LOVE to work with you.

I would like to thank Karina for all her support. While I was initially very skeptical of therapy, Karina put me at ease. My friends and family have all commented on how much I’ve changed since starting. It has been a fantastic journey!
— Male clinet

The Details


Within one business day of booking an appointment with me I will send you an email which will confirm the time and date of your fist appointment, directions to the clinic, and some forms for you to read which explain client confidentiality and detail the parameters of our work together. 

To experience the true benefits of therapy, steady and lasting change, you must commit to a weekly session. Regularity is essential for productive therapeutic work.


A session is between 40-50 minutes long. This is because the work isn't formulaic so when and how a session ends is part of the process.

Your session is time set aside for YOU.  It is a privileged space where you are free to discuss what you wish; everyday events, dilemmas, feelings, thoughts, regrets, aspirations, memories and dreams.

Given the often sensitive nature of the issues discussed, developing a trusting relationship with me is paramount to effective treatment.  I am a qualified psychologist and psychotherapist, so I have been specifically trained to listen with openness and compassion and to create an environment that feels safe and comfortable for you.


Once you commit to therapy and engage in the work, you will very quickly begin to feel the benefits. The goal of our work  together is to feel more at ease with yourself. This is a process of re-positioning yourself in relation to the world around you.

I will help you make sense of the issues you are facing, and guide you towards a more effective and satisfying way of living. Our work together will help you make choices that are more in line with who you want to be. 

The result is a life filled with meaningful, healthy relationships borne out of a confidence and acceptance of yourself.

Your Investment

The cost is 120 euro per session. This is a serious investment by you in yourself, and it takes a serious commitment of time and mental energy. 

In some cases, we may agree to two or more shorter sessions per week, if we both deem it beneficial.

People often want to know how long the process will take, however the number of sessions depends on you as an individual and your unique presenting issues. 

Karina is really easy to talk to, she is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I found the sessions very beneficial.
— Male Client



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