I found Karina Melvin to be approachable and highly supportive-without a doubt the sessions were very challenging at times, but Karina helped me put some frameworks in place to allow me to ‘move on’ from issues that had been really affecting my home, work and martial happiness. Without a doubt, I am glad I made the investment in time, energy and money to attend the clinic, as finally after years of quiet suffering I am able to look to the future with confidence.
— Male client, 29 years of age


Cognitive behavioural techniques enable you to overcome the barriers which have been stopping you from achieving your goals. CBT focuses on the present, on addressing the symptoms (issues) which are blocking your development.

CBT challenges the negative self- talk and ingrained beliefs which we can carry around with us. It challenges those beliefs such as ” I always fail” or “I never get the person/thing that I want”. Those thoughts that position themselves as a barrier to our potential,

By utilising techniques that enable us to remove the negative thoughts and activate a more positive frame of mind. Through CBT you can help clarify your goals and eradicate the unwanted symptoms.

One clients story...

Throughout my life I have struggled with feeling low, I suffered from bulimia and it was really affecting my health. When I was 16 I was diagnosed with depression and put on medication. But I never really felt ‘right’. Years later I finally decided to go to therapy because I couldn’t stop crying and I was finding it really hard to cope with work and life in general. In the beginning I found it really difficult to talk because I didn’t know what the problem was. I was amazed at how helpful it was to speak to someone. While it took time, I went from feeling really low and uncomfortable around people to feeling confident in myself. I came off the medication, which I hated being on. I managed to get a promotion to the job I always wanted. I’ve learned to drive, which I was far too nervous to do before and I now really enjoy going out and meeting new people. It has been a huge change, but I still feel like me. I now understand that when I start to feel low it’s ok and that I have the ability to get through it, though overall my mood has been really steady. I am so glad I took that first step and went into therapy. It has really changed my life.
— Female client, 32 years old

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