Anxiety Treatment in Dublin

Why am I anxious?

One of the most frequently cited issues we work with at our South Dublin counselling clinic is anxiety. Treatment for anxiety in social situations, at work, family, speaking in public, anxiety about sex, status, money, general anxiety - the list is near endless. In the face of such a broad and seemingly all encompassing issue, psychoanalytic psychotherapy can be an incredibly effective tool. It poses the question: ‘why am I anxious?’ The answer to such a question is always unique and singular to each person, and by allowing a space for this question to be fully explored the grip of anxiety is softened.

An Anxiety Treatment with you at the centre

So often we are faced with situations that provoke anxiety in us, and yet when the situation is rationally analysed the level of anxiety it provokes often seems overblown and disproportionate. Why should a five minute presentation bring on a panic attack?; or the thought of a bus journey cause heart palpitations and light-headedness? For those who experience them, these anxious feelings are very real and can be crippling, affecting confidence, job prospects and relationships. By working through what it is that lies at the heart of one’s anxiety, psychotherapy can provide a way to overcome it. The answer is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, but rather an approach that is unique for every person.

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