Online Psychotherapy and Counselling

Online psychotherapy and counselling

Online therapy, or virtual therapy, teletherapy, online counselling, video therapy etc. is a rapidly growing part of psychotherapy practices around the world, and given the way that many people live their lives today there is little wonder why. Increasingly, there is a demand placed on people to be more flexible in their work practices, work longer hours or relocate for months at a time, even to other countries. There are shorter lunch breaks or more pressure to take your breaks in the employer provided canteen, maximising the time that you are at your desk. It’s not as easy as it once was to take a longer lunch break to visit your counsellor or therapist.

But it is not just those who have greater work pressures that benefit from online therapy. Improving internet infrastructure now means that those who live in more remote, rural parts of the country can have access to a psychotherapist or counsellor that they may have been denied before. No longer is there a need to travel great distances to find help with one’s addiction, or anxiety, or depression. Likewise those who suffer from immobilising illnesses or accidents, or if your anxiety is prohibiting someone from venturing outside, can now dial in to their therapy sessions without having to make complex travel arrangements.

So much of psychotherapy is focused on the spoken word, and as such it can be incredibly effective in any medium that allows two people to talk to each other. We have been offering online psychotherapy, counselling and psychoanalysis to our clients for a number of years at Sandymount Psychotherapy, and demand is only increasing. The effectiveness of working online over video call is similar to in-person psychotherapy. All that is needed is a stable internet connection and a private space to sit for 45 minutes. We’ve had many cases where someone has been held up at work or missed a flight connection, and so we conduct the session online. Recently, however, we are more and more working with people exclusively online. Like with any form of therapy, it may not be what you are looking for. But the ability that online psychotherapy has to work around the increasingly complex way that people are living their lives makes it a very real, and effective, option for many.

If you are interested in making an appointment for online psychotherapy or counselling, or any in-person therapy, then drop us a line or call us. We can even have an initial consultation over video call. Check the contact page for details.